Thursday, February 2, 2012

I've Been Reading...

I realize most of you readers might read my posts in Google Reader. That's okay, I read most of my blogroll in Reader too. It's so nice, concise, centrally located...

Anyway, this isn't a post to praise Reader. It's to discuss a different kind of reader, me! As you might know, I've been reading books on a kindle for a little more than six months now. It's changed my life.

Okay, perhaps it hasn't been that dramatic of an influence in my day-to-day operations. But, I do love it. Perhaps it's just that I have a fancy new technological toy on which to read, but I read much more now than I did before. I expound upon that in my new page, up in the header area. It's so cleverly entitled, "I've Been Reading." I know, super creative and mystical.

If you're a reader like me and are curious to know what sorts of intelligent [and not-so-intelligent, i.e. LC's masterfully crafted L.A. Candy series. I am anxiously awaiting her next series. No joke, I am. I love them. We all have our weaknesses...] then check it out!

I'd love suggestions! Let me know if you have any, or if you'd like to discuss which books you hate/love/can't believe I'd even think about reading. Let's interact.

[I bet you thought this post would be about Twilight. Sorry to disappoint...]

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Martyn Wendell said...

I am disappointed that this post was not about Twilight, but I forgive you.