Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm not big into the sappiness that is Valentine's Day. I've never been supersad when I didn't have a Valentine - although, I'll admit, it's a lot easier to dismiss Valentine's Day when you do. The boy and I may not celebrate today with crazy expensive dinners or jewelry or plane rides or whathaveyou, but we'll celebrate by being together. And, honestly, that's the simplest, and sweetest, way I'd want to spend the International Day of Love [andmoneymakingbyeverysortofcompanypeddlingpinkandredandflowersandchocolatesandlingerieandcuddlebears].

Google celebrates V-Day with a very cute, and simple, and innocent animation on their home search page  [which I rarely visit anymore thanks to the automatic search in the address bar in Chrome!]

Go check it out, and I hope you smile. And, today, celebrate EVERYONE love, not just that special someone you may, or may not have. Including yourself.

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