Friday, January 20, 2012


If you haven't heard of Pinterest by now, and you are a girl like social media, online shopping, and the idea of being creative but sometimes have a hard time actually being creative, here's a site for you.

I've been on the site since the summertime-ish, and slowly but surely the phrase "I saw this on Pinterest" has been creeping into my vocabulary. Now that my sisters and a growing number of my friends are also on the site daily, that phrase is morphing into "Did you see that pin on Pinterest?" It's become an addiction hobby that I truly do enjoy.

I try to limit myself to being on during my lunchbreaks, for a variety of reasons:
1. I never actually do any of the DIY projects I pin.
2. I spend too much time fantasizing about a wedding I'm not even engaged for at the moment, with favors, decorations, dresses, and locations that all cost thousands of $$$ more than I could ever spend.
3. I spend too much time looking at food right before lunch. The solution: while I am eating.

One could argue that Pinterest only encourages a consumeristic society; that looking at all these lovely things that I can't have now, probably won't ever have, and probably don't even want, just encourages lusting [of the materialistic flavor. Or, judging by all the half-naked men pins, perhaps of all flavors]. There is definitely a possibility that overindulgent pinning could lead to such an attitude, and probably affects me in this way more than I realize. Do you feel it leads to want more than you would if you weren't on the site?

Alternatively, as a self-proclaimed shopaholic and addicted online shopper, as well as a materialistic 20-something of the I-need-it-now generation, I think Pinterest can also serve to curb spontaneous and impulse buying. Here's why:

January was my "no-excess-spending" month; or my $0 budget month. Every so often I see my bank account statement [which I, much like that main character in Shopaholic, I usually try to avoid], freak out, and make a no-spending budget with renewed zeal. Pinterest has helped in that if I really want an item, I pin it, and then leave it alone. I get that instant gratification, but I don't shell out the money until I decide I really actually do need it or can treat myself to something.

Coming soon: making it useful - "Project Pinterest."

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