Tuesday, November 22, 2011


...it rained, leaves fell to the ground, and my rainboots sprang a leak.

...Christmas started going up in the stores (Macy's), except for Nordstrom. (Which I totally respect.)

...we got a giant hold in our street, for an unknown reason.

...I attempted to balance my increasing level of videogame dorkiness with weekly updates of how Mariah Carey got her body back.

...I went to a great show, take the pictures (to come later), and eat at a surprisingly well-decorated restaurant (probably because of the snowflakes on the inside).

...I ate a buffalo chicken flatbread at said restaurant. (Yes, I ate the whole thing.)

...I ate a delicious, delicious bagel sandwich at CBA due to a very fortuitous competitor's coupon. (Shh).

...I used a Groupon for the Brew & View, to see two moderately funny movies with free popcorn and (not free) beer for $5!

...I purchased Harry Potter Lego Years 1-4 for DSOldie and decided it was the best purchase I ever made.

...until I bought peanut butter m&ms and ate half the bag while watching Season 1 of Friends.

And, that, friends, it's what's happened to me lately.

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