Thursday, April 21, 2011

Notes on a Thursday

1. Moved cubicles today. I think it's time to get a plant.

2. Got a raise today. [Hooray! It's not something I usually discuss in this blogosphere, but it's definitely an answered prayer and something to be excited about!]

3. Went to Trader Joe's - lovethatplace.

4. Visited the Geniuses at the Apple Store who will promptly replace my computer's broken parts [whatever they may be] because my warranty is running out. Thank you, AppleCare. Best purchase I've ever made. Honestly, if you are considering buying a mac and are thinking that maybe AppleCare isn't worth it - wrong. I've had my screen replaced, my keyboard replaced, and now - who knows what, plus they replaced my power cord today. Seriously. Amazing customer service.

5. On my way to Trader Joe's and the Apple Store, this is what I saw:

Yes, that is a coffeemakerrobot. Don't you have one of those loitering outside your building? One of the many reasons I LOVE working in downtown Chicago.

Oh, and, it's Ashley's birthday today! Happy Birthday! [Plus that means it's my half birthday!] Thankfully, it also means tomorrow is Friday.

And now:

Source here.


Taylor Yves said...

i love seeing your pictures from downtown, because i love working down there too :) it never gets old!

Ashley Joy said...

I'm so glad the sun came out yesterday for my birthday! It's been a rough weather week...

ashley elizabeth said...

Thanks Taylor! I know - it never gets old! And Ashley, it has been a rough week. Hopefully this weekend will be good weather...we can keep celebrating.