Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Who says magazines are going out of style? I myself LOVE getting magazines. In fact, I probably get too many. See this photo below:

THAT is how many magazines I gave away [for free] last week. That's how many magazines my roommates and I had collected over the last year and a half or so. The historian/packrat in me led me to keep ALL of them, thinking it'd be great if I had everysingleissue in mint condition, starting my first year out of college until???? Until maybe they stopped making magazines?

I don't know, but soon enough that probably misplaced archival feeling gave way to my feelings of claustrophobia, and the realization that I just have too.much.stuff. So, I went through and kept the ones that were important to me [Real Simple, "Best New Restaurant" issues of Chicago magazine, September issues of Vogue, etc.] And I plan on keeping two months' worth of each magazine in the home; otherwise, it will be taken to a) the gym, b) my friends, c) the doctor's office.

Now, I feel so cleansed.

My next plan is cut down on which magazines I actually get in the mail. It can get overwhelming, now that I don't have as much time off from my job/time at my job to just sit and read magazines/my commute on CTA is actually not that long/I like to read the Red Eye every day. These are the ones I currently get, and these are the ones for which I plan on letting my subscription lapse:

Vogue [The only one I really like is the September issue, so I'll probably just buy that.
Elle [With all the other ones, it's just kind of redundant.]
Marie Claire
Real Simple
[Plus, Kate gets In Style and Paige gets the New Yorker.]

Indeed, I think that's it. Okay, so I'll only be cutting two. But I enjoy all of the other ones [mostly the restaurant section of Chicago], and even get Newsweek for free. [Thank you WBEZ!] You'd be surprised how cheap magazines are anyway. All of those are about $10 or a little more for 12 issues, which is $1 or less an issue. Not too shabby, when you pay at least $3.50 for one issue on the newsstand.

The one I should really think about getting is US Weekly. But that's the expensive one - $80+! Thankfully I have a very kind coworker who brings me her copy when she's done reading it every week.

Anybody want some my magazines once I'm through?

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trisha said...

I love Real Simple! Anytime you want to get rid of those I will gladly take them off your hands [when I'm back in the country, that is] :)

I hope you're doing well! I enjoy keeping up with you through your blog. See you in the fall!

cailen ascher said...

i love getting magazines too. it really brightens my day : ) my faves are real simple, whole living and traditional home. good stuff.

matt said...

I'll take Marie Claire, Glamour and Real Simple. You can keep the rest.


ashley elizabeth said...

Very funny, Matt. And Trisha - I'm sure I will have some to give away! It will be good to see you soon[ish!]