Friday, April 22, 2011

Preschool and the Weekend

As I mentioned, we moved cubicles yesterday. Now I can see a (teensy) bit more of the outside right from my desk. I have to look over people's heads to do that, so ultimately they must think I am staring at them - but it's worth it to see that little bit of my fantastic city and also to get a glimpse of the great outdoors as I am withering away under giant fluorescent lights. [Dramatic, yes. I know.]

In any case, when one moves, it's a perfect time to 
a) realize how much stuff you have
b) realize how much unnecessary stuff you have and
c) attempt to purge that stuff.

I realized my cubicle looks a little bit like I'm hosting a childcare summit:

(From my mom. Precious, and not going anywhere.)

(From McDonald's.)

(If you can't tell why I might have this, I can't help you.)

(I can't help it that my work gives me stuffed animals. The squawking chicken is missing from the photo.)

I already got rid of a little fold-up-dragon-toy and corresponding playing card from McDonald's, from the same visit when I got the My Little Pony toy, because the cashier was so friendly and probably took pity on me since I was a 24-year-old woman in the Chicago pedway asking what sort of toys she had in the middle of the afternoon as I ordered by chicken McNugget Happy Meal.

[Maybe this theme of my cubicle is a little bit too appropriate.]

In any case, I only got rid of that too, but rearranged my cubicle so that all the toys weren't gathered together. Now I need to do something else to make my cube more "grown up". Well, my half-cube. I'm thinking of a plant. I wish I could paint the wall/bulletin board things, which happen to be a very lime green, ironically also the theme color of the very place for which I work.

Or maybe I should just buy this for myself:

Credit here.

Any other suggestions? Donations? Ideas?

This weekend: 

Maybe a movie?
Preparing for my first ballet class on Monday [maybe].
Pancakes on Ashley's birthday present [from me!].
Easter Sunday, plus Easter brunch [the newest tradition].
Celebratory raise dinner [location TBD].

Happy Easter everyone!

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