Monday, April 18, 2011

April SNOW Showers

Credit here.

April is supposed to be the spring-iest of spring months. Yes, it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb. Yes, April showers bring may flowers. I'm perfectly okay with showers. In fact, who doesn't enjoy a good, long, fresh-smelling spring downpour?

Of rain. No one enjoys a cold, bitter, unexpected and un-prepared-for snow shower. Which is of course what we experienced here in Chicago this morning. I suppose we shouldn't be surprised, because this is, after all - Chicago. Where it snows in May sometimes, but also might be 80 degrees in the middle of October. One never knows. Today was a record for snowfall on April 18 - a whopping .6 of an inch.


Depression about this most recent snowfall does not downplay my weekend, which was quite good, despite the rain and cold weather. 

Friday: Dinner and movie(s)

1. The fantastic first episode of the most momentous final chapter of any story ever penned that was released on Friday.

It was a deal situation people: you watch this, I watch that. And actually, not THAT scary [the movie cover makes it look terrifying when, in fact, it's not]. I think it had to do with the low(er)-fi special effects.

Saturday: Reading, games, and a play. And Muldoon's. None of which I captured on film. My apologies. It was my technology-free weekend, okay?

Sunday: Relaxing. Running. Reading. and a movie.

And, making dinner in my brand-new cast-iron skillet!

Isn't it a beauty? It really is. Such an even cooking surface, such fantastic-smelling steam that comes off...Sigh. It makes me want to cook even more. Plus, I got a cooking thermometer so that I can make sure my chicken is all the way done.

Happy Monday everyone!


Ashley Joy said...

I was soo upset to see the predicted snow actually sticking to things this morning! The field by our house was WHITE. White is an unacceptable color in April.

On a happier note, I'm excited about your meat thermometer. I always overcook chicken just in case. And now "just in case" will not be necessary. Win.

matt said...

new pan. new food-outlook. new blog-theme.

look at you all chaingingthingsup!


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