Friday, April 15, 2011

Weekend Starts Early

This weekend, I'm leaving work at 2:45!! And

...getting my hair cut [much needed].

...going to Wheaton to hang out with somebody special.

...go see a play with music written by this semi-okay writer/musician guy with some cool people [i.e. the wives of guy and his friend, a guitarist in the band for the show. Well, and he's my friend too.].

...sleep. my backup of magazines.

...hopefully season my new cast iron skillet which I am SUPER excited about using for the first time! It's "preseasoned", but we'll see how true that actually is when I actually open the box.

...reading this book.

and generally relaxing and rejuvenating! I might not even bring my computer out to the suburbs. [shockandhorror]. I sit in front of the computer all day long, and I just think to myself (during the week), I need a break from this. But because I am the Queen of the Internet, I go home and then proceed to sit on the computer to do all of the 1,000,000 things that I wanted to do at work, but I couldn't because I was, well, working! Even now the thought is persistently running through my mind - "but Ashley you might want to blog!write!email!uploadphotos!workonyourwebsite!"

This might be a weekend where I have to say "no" to those thoughts in my head and just "be."

Happy Friday!


Ashley Joy said...

I can't believe he let you take so many pictures of him!

Victoria said...

haha the dancing kittens link came up twice, once about your friend who wrote the play? or his wife? just fyi

Victoria said...

Also tailgating on Ashley's comment, and a reference to a movie that I hope you can figure out, "Okay, so he's kind of a Baldwin..."

ashley elizabeth said...

Hahah thanks Victoria. He is a Baldwin. And Ashley, I don't think it was "let" so much as "tolerated." You know how it is.