Thursday, March 10, 2011

Quick Catch Up

1. Spring is coming, slowly but surely! I never get tired of working downtown in Chicago, and I am SO EXCITED to be downtown in the summertime.

2. I really love the suburbs. Mostly, I love chick-fil-a. Breakfast. 

3. On Saturday I went to a very delicious dinner with some great company. It was Mardis-Gras themed (as it is a Cajun restaurant), with lots of purplegoldandgreen decorations, and a live band. And a delicious TUB of a drink. [Oh, I'm trying not to use the word delicious to describe things anymore. It was quite, quite tasty, and probably a bit lethal.]

4. But my shrimp and grits was very cajun-y, full of flavor, and more than a bit cheesy.

5. Then, of course, there is my favorite place in Chicago. That's an exaggeration. But their tacos al pastor are so savory.

6. That's all there is, folks.

For right now.

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