Monday, March 14, 2011

Le Weekend

Mondays aren't always so bad - sometimes they feel like a fresh start, a new beginning, and really just a rather non-stressful day because you have the whole week ahead of you in which to get everything done that you need to get done.

Except for this Monday,  because I had a very busy weekend.

1. Fun with friends [pictures later]. Sushi was made, catching-up was done, fun was had, bedtime was late.

2. Shopping at Old Navy for a sale - $9 dress, people - totally an investment and I can replace the one I have from a few years ago that's staying together with a safety pin. Plus, it's all in the name of spring, right?

I got (guess what color?) - black!

3. Shift #1 at le olde Naper Settlement for Maple Sugaring Days. Fun? Yes. Nostalgic? Yes. Cold & windy? Yes. Busy? Yes.

That was my job - boiling the sap. Oh, and dancing and school-marming it up a bit. Can't really complain, you know - it feels weird to be doing what I used to get paid to do for free, but really, I do love it. 

And would always have done some of it for free. In a way, it was almost for free.

But that's another story altogether.

4. Outing at Quigley's for some non-St. Patrick's Day fun that was surrounded by lots of planned St. Patrick's Day fun. But I survived (until very late) and had lots of fun (until very late). It really, apparently, CAN be Naperthrill.

5. Sleeping late due to time change and late outing.

6. Shift #2. 300+ Girl Scouts, Mic's the donut man (!!!!), and sunnier, warmerer, weather.

Yep. Same Sap.
Still smell like smoke.
Apparently it takes a while to get out of one's hair.

7. Delicious 2-for-1 dinner at Wishbone [thanks to my WBEZ membership!]

Not a very good picture, but it's there nonetheless. Cole slaw, cheesy grits, and salmon cakes. I love grits. and cole slaw. and salmon cakes.

8. Sleep.

And here we are. Look forward to: productivity helps (!), sushi, and foodie registry. 

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