Monday, March 21, 2011

Paige's Birthday and a University Village Adventure

Paige's birthday was this weekend, so of course we had a fantabulous dinner, followed by a fantabulous party, as is only suitable for the fantabulous Paige herself.

Friday: Davanti Enoteca. mmm. That's all I have to say (but really, are you surprised?)
It's really an affordable small-plates-with-an-Italian-focus sort of restaurant. Plus, the space is pretty awesome inside. And for me, as we know, it's pretty much about the atmosphere. Well, plus the food.

Waiting at the bar [cheapest wine on the menu].  Please notice the cork-lined wall to the left, plus the cute way they display receipts.

Some people show up off the street, but I accept them as my friends. Notice the lighting above their heads.

Eating. Well, waiting to eat. Listening to a story by Melissa.

Some fun people.

Some more fun people plus Paige!!!! and her birthday outfit = super cute.


DELISH pizza. [Sorry, people. Delish is as good as it gets.] Actually I didn't have any of this pizza, I enjoyed the prosciutto arugula pizza the best. Because I do love prosciutto.

Carbonara. I mean, who doesn't put an egg on top of their pasta? Actually, this was rice. It was in this dish that I discovered that I don't like peas. Well, I actually already knew that.

Overall, the best part [besides Paige!] was the focaccia, with soft goat cheese. MMMM. 

To come: Saturday. [I can't post everything at once, people! I have to spread it out, you know.]