Monday, March 21, 2011

Sushi is Hard To Make

It really is. I love to eat sushi, and I thought that it'd be easy to make for myself. I even bought some adorable sushi platters [a while ago] in order to serve the sushi which I figured I would just start making.

This month was the first time I've used them. For that purpose, anyway. [Really I only bought them b/c they're red.]

BUT dearest Lauren was back in town for spring break and invited us over to make sushi. And it was fun. But hard. Now I appreciate those chefs behind the sushibar with their awesome chef's hats making this very messy sushi look very nice and appetizing. And not falling apart.

A tougher feat than you'd think, my friends.

First, there are sheets of seaweed. [Odd. When I find them in the ocean I run in the opposite direction. When I find them on my plate, I eat them.]

Then, there is the "inside stuff". Like, imitation crab meat.

Then, there's the rice. Sticky rice, obviously.

Step 1. Pile everything onto your sushi plate.

 Step 2. Attempt to roll it. 

Step 3. Give up and just eat it, stuffing it into your mouth hoping things don't fall out.

So, really, it's just like eating sushi from a real sushi restaurant. Hoping things don't fall out is they key.

But it's more fun to make it with your friends.

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sushi! woo hoo!

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