Thursday, February 17, 2011

Pins. The Technological Kind.

Here's your nerdy post for the day. For those of you that don't read awesome tech blogs like Lifehacker or TechCrunch. I know, I know. Geek-central.

I love it. I realize not everyone does, so that's why I bring over the most essential, most helpful, least complicated tips. And this is today's:

Pinning tabs.

Of course, the prerequisite for this is that you are using Google Chrome. [Which you should have been doing AGES ago, please see my previous post extolling its virtues.] 

At a job like mine, I have a bajillion [yes, technical term] tabs open at once. There are some that I ALWAYS have open, like GMail, Facebook (just kidding, I really don't), and other work-related ones I won't share. Privacy issues, you know.

I'll be honest, even at home I have a bajillion tabs open. People who use my computer often open another browser window to avoid looking at all of my tabs. I promise, it's organized chaos. At home it's more like, Gmail, Facebook [for real], blogging windows, Google Reader, a few restaurant menus, the weather, Groupon's website, etc. So. The point is, we all have the things we like to keep open.

The problem is, especially when you are working on a really teeny laptop screen and you have to have your screen split in half by this REALLY AWESOME app called cinch because you need to have word and Chrome open at the same time, the tabs get overwhelmed and teeny and stressful and you can't read what's on them and they just cause some straight-up chaos.

Enter Pin Tab. It comes with all flavors of Chrome. Here's how it works:
1. You can see below how on the right, I have three little teeny tabs. Those have been pinned. 
(First, empanadafoodtruck to be visited by me on Friday for lunch. Second, obvious. Third, Dropbox - work and awesome file sharing software. When it works.)
2. I am going to "pin" my blogger window. So, I right-clicked on it. This is what happens:

3. Obviously, click "Pin Tab."

4. Blogger window moves over to the left, after all the other "pinned" tabs, into a nice, concise, icon-friendly little tab. Check it.

Try it. It will change your life.

And because I am screenshot happy, here's what cinch looks like when it's in use (no I am not blogging at WORK!) Also see that little 1 by the bird face? That's probably Matt talking. See how I ignore? Just kidding.

Cinch is that little dotted square, right next to the coffee cup (great app!), and Quicksilver (also great app!)

Okay, great. Onward into a better, more efficient, more awesome technological life.

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cailen ascher said...

hi there! thanks for the tip. i'm not so tech saavy...but i'm trying and learning : )

found you via 20sb. great blog. i love the "20 something" header design. very cute.

til next time,