Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Some Handy Gmail Tips

If you're anything like me, you love technology. And making technology work better for you. Making technology make your life easier.

Google has done that in so many ways for us [including almost paying my salary a few months back]. Do you even remember when we didn't have Gmail? Does hotmail even still exist? [Yep. It does. Of course I googled it right after I typed that sentence.] [Do you notice how I used "googled" in that previous sentence? That was not planned - but really, it does emphasize the entire point of my post! Yay Google!]

It's amazing how gchat really only came about oh, say, four years ago, with video chat enabled within gchat only, say two or three years ago, yet it seems like those features were always available. Technology and its development is just so fascinating!

Anyways. The point. I want to share some of my tips and tricks with you. Not that I'm a know-it-all or anything, but they have made my life somucheasier and they could help you out too!

First, you should be using Google Chrome. Not only is it Google-based = the best, but it has many handy features as well. You can create a Chrome "profile," and sign in so that all of your bookmarks, tabs, settings, etc, are saved whenever you log into your chrome profile onto another computer. This is very handy for those that might work from home and need the same tabs and bookmarks, but don't want to re-load them onto each computer. It automatically syncs updates you make on one computer with the browser windows on the other. Talk.about.seamless.

Second, did you know about the multiple accounts feature? It's at the top right corner of Gmail. When you're logged in, you'll see your username, like If you click on the arrow next to it, it'll show you the option "Sign into another user" and you can be logged into both at once! It's a little bit tricky in terms of blogger, reader, etc, but still handy when you want to be logged into, say work and personal gmails at the same time.

Do you sometimes have so many tabs open because you're shopping for shoes, clothes, checking movie times, new restaurants, your email, and stalking people on facebook all at the same time - that you can't see if you're getting a new email/somebody gchatted you [because you turned that ABSURD sound off!]?

The next two are for you.

Third, Gmail just activated this feature for Chrome users [another reason!]. You can get desktop notifiers when you receive a new email. This is under the Settings tab in your Gmail window [again, top right-hand corner of the page]. You have to click "Click here...." to enable this feature while you're using Chrome. I can't guarantee the effectiveness of this because, sadly, I haven't received an email or chat while I've been writing this post. Sob. Being invisible might have something to do with it. Oh, well.

Fourth, Gmail also has a new Labs feature that displays a little "unread" count beneath the iconic Gmail logo. 

Yes, I do have "0". It's because I'm SO GOOD at deleting my inbox.

So. That's all for now, mostly because most of you are probably asleep at your desk listening to all this techno-babble, or you already knew about it, or you don't care. Let me know if you have any gmail tips you want to share!

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this is way nerdier than star wars.

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