Wednesday, January 26, 2011


...nope. I'm probably not going to run the Chicago Marathon this year, my friends [though I have thought about it.]


My roommates and I have lately been into this show called How I Met Your Mother [a for-those-of-you-that-thought-your-life-was-over-when-Friends-ended-show], and recently we watched an episode where one of the characters, Barney [the loveable Neil Patrick Harris] runs a marathon without training.

Obviously not possible. Only made-for-tv, right?

So I thought, until I read this in Lifehacker, my go-to for hacking, well, what we like to call "Life." [The title, just to get you intrigued, is "How to Run A Marathon Without Any Training."

Who knew?

** I'm still a little skeptical. The funniest part of the episode of HIMYM was not that Barney completed the marathon, but that he rode the subway for free [as a finisher] [something he never does], and then couldn't get off because his legs wouldn't work.

Haha. Ha. I know how that feels. That's why Kate wanted me to watch this episode, because it reminded her of me.

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