Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Day I Took Down Christmas

It was a sad, sad day. Every year. Because I worked full-time right until Christmas I couldn't get into the Christmas spirit as much. But I celebrated Christmas in my hear a little after Christmas [after my whole post about not putting myself on a Christmas deadline] but now Christmas really is over, I've forgotten about it [sad!!] and finally had to get our apartment back.

But it always makes me feel like I'm mourning something/someone that's died. [Yes, melodramatic. It's a blog, people.]

But then I made some delicious pizzas to make up for it.

The first one was from epicurious and was a tomato mozzarella pizza.

mmm homemade sauce

mmm before the oven

how many times can i say mmm and get away with it?

I really enjoyed this one. Reeeeally.

MMM delectable.

And that's how it became okay to put Christmas in a box.

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matt said...


even though I'm usually against homemade pizza, I'm sorry we missed it.