Saturday, February 19, 2011

TGIF and Empanadas

Yesterday Chicago basked in glorious 50-degree weather. Or, at least, I think it was 50 degrees. It felt like 70. I so eagerly anticipated the warm weather that I wore on of my favorite light-weather jackets [yet still made of wool], no scarf, no hat, no mittens - and I'll admit, I was a little chilly at the bus stop. Good thing I'm not outside all day and have to wear this.

In any case, it was so warm the past few days that Chicago went from this to

The nice thing about working downtown is that if you take a picture of your own work building, no one thinks twice. They think I'm just like the tourists standing right across the street by that bus. Not that I particularly want to look like a tourist, but nevertheless. There you go.

This is my building! That's not my bus. Which is a good thing b/c it's not in service. But you can see the Sheraton reflected in my building! That second floor is the gym. Not a bad view when you're working out.

But I digress.

The point of this post is to discuss my veryfirst food truck experience. I have been watching and waiting to go to a food truck. The possibility was greatly increased when I started working downtown and actually a) had more than a 20-minute lunch and b) wasn't 30 miles away from the location. This particular food truck serves empanadas. They started fairly recently - as in, Monday. 
[Ironically they started the week at the other company location and ended the week with us. Maybe not ironic. Funny.]

So, we ventured out on this perfect Friday lunchtime thinking of spring and vacations and summer. (Just look at that beautiful blue sky.)

 There's the other view of our building [well, not Aqua. Which is my favorite building in Chicago, btw.] We're the squat one behind it. Little did I know how close we were to Millennium Park!

Here come the empanadas. They have six varieties. And at only $1.99 a pop, that's a pretty decent meal.

Back to the indoors. Mmm. I ate the BBQ chicken (eh, okay), the ham and cheese (delish), and the beef (pretty good as well). I've heard the caramelized onion is pretty good, too. 

All different shapes and sizes.

So - my first food truck experience was superb. The beautiful weather of course only helped. On to the next target, on Monday.this

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matt said...

a food post is the best kind of post. Matt + Thursday = Empanadas!