Friday, February 25, 2011

Friday Funday

It's Friday.


It's Funday. [I'm going to see this with two people I like.]

And, per a new tradition I've started, I can eat out on Fridays.

That might or might not coincide with the 5411 Empanada food truck coming to my block on Fridays.

Here is the truck, with my work-friends.
Say hello, work-friends.

Here's my non-work-but-keeps-me-sane-at-work-friend:

 One of those might have gone to his wife, the lovely lady I dined with earlier this week. 

Funnily enough, it was rumored we were having a secret tryst.

We were not. Just exchanging money. 

For empanadas.

And there Matt goes, in his ski goggles [see my building back there!]

He might not make a photographical appearance on his own blog, but here he is in mine.

The end. Happy Friday!

P.S. I do realize how much my blog as begun to look like Matt's. It's because his is great, easy, and fun. And imitation is the sincerest flattery, right?

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(and yet, you have more followers than I...and a pretty darned great we(blog) yourself).