Thursday, February 24, 2011

Restaurant Week, Episode 2

Tonight was Blackbird. This restaurant is one of the most popular restaurants for Restaurant Week. This reservation I got, at 5:30 [who eats at 5:30?], was the VERY.LAST.ONE.

Without further ado here is our experience.

First, the restaurant. One really cool thing about this restaurant is the floor-to-ceiling windows. There's Ashley and Kate, waiting for me [late, as usual].

Here's the menu [and the drink menu, and Kate's drink]:

The menu. And the table. And the outside. 

The amuse bouche. A single, bite-sized hors d'oeuvre. This was belly of a sturgeon. And delicious.

Appetizer: scallops. I wish I had a picture of Ashley and Kate's endive salad, because the presentation was awesome. But the waitresses made it more edible before I could take out my phone like the creepy teenage paparazzi. I have to play it cool, you know - let them know I always eat at these kinds of places.

That's their salad, more edible-looking.

My smoked trout. Delish.

Ashley's chicken and sausage. I'm sure it was delish. [Isn't everything?]

Dessert. Chocolate ganache with parsnip ice cream. This was also very tasty. 

I also forgot to mention my drink, which was the blackbird orange. And that was very delicious as well, mostly because orange juice was involved.

The end. Of Blackbird. And Restaurant Week. 

But no worries, my friends.

Chef's Week is on it's way.

Two reservations have already been made.

Get ready.