Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tiny tiny lounge.

On our Friday night wanderings (before we watched Friends and fell asleep) Kate and I went to Tiny Lounge in Lincoln Square. In the snow. Well, in the teensy bit of snow. It got more crowded as the night wore on, but the food was pretty good. We also were some of the youngest people there. Which I prefer - I don't always like to be surrounded by those good-natured bros that frequent that Wrigleyville.

 Seared Ahi tacos. Supposedly with avocado, but I couldn't find it.

Chicken empanadas. With avocado - you can see it. 

Plus we had some fries with garlic mayonnaise sauce which were delicious, too, as fries always are. Especially with sea salt.

And a view from the window. Pretty snow and pretty lights. I hope people keep up these white lights all year's a pretty wintery thing, not just Christmas. Right?

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mattvstherealworld said...

I'd like to go here, please.

thank you.