Friday, January 14, 2011

Sincerest Apologies those of you who have been awaiting my posting. Or, to the one, two *maybe* [hopes&prays] three of you that have been DYING to know to what I have, indeed, been up. [I tried NOT to end that sentence in a preposition and, in fact, failed miserably because "what I have been up to" has not one but TWO prepositions as its final words. Alas. Moving on.

 I like stuff. At home, in my car, and now - at work. Our little space here at the new office is MUCH bigger than at the old office. I'm worried when we have to move I'll have to bring my car to move all my crap over to the new office. We're allotted one teeny tiny box. Hmmm. 

But also look at all my lovely mugs! Starbucks with a *lovely* peppermint straw [so I drink more water] -  my NS mug so I remember my roots, and a fantastic Jonathan Adler mug so, even though it's Starbucks, I can appreciate good design. 

And that pesky calculator which I have to use more often than I should. 

The chicken I won for completing my training. He's loud.
Gretchen Wilson be darned - I love Christmas lights all year long. So pretty.

I am everlastingly grateful that I'm in here. And not out there. 

And that my commute is 30 minutes and barely enough time to scroll through the days' Facebook updates on my phone. How's that for fast.

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