Thursday, January 6, 2011

A Groupon Proposal

Nope, not me. Sorry to disappoint. But it's still a great story! Don't worry, I'm definitely not the mushy-sappy-cheesy-type, so these stories won't be happening a lot in this space. But I do think this engagement story is adorable.

Mostly because it involves Groupon.

And I love everything that has to do with Groupon.

Partly because they provide me with the means to live my life. But only partly. [I mean, how many of you are part of the secret G's Rewards club?]

In any case, two days ago this Groupon ran in the Cincinnati market, and so it went to over 200,000 subscribers in the area. But it mattered the most to two very special people.

Precious. I'll let you read about the rest of the story here.

Here's the real Groupon - but sorry, ladies, it's already expired.

I will tell you, though - I did click on the "buy" button. I was extremely curious, albeit slightly nervous that some alarm would go off and let everyone know that I was this homewrecker trying to marry Greg myself or something (I don't actually know him).

But all that happened was something very Groupony - it told me Congratulations! With a big pink heart. You can see a picture at the link here.

I just love how much press they are getting. And when I get engaged, I hope at least 200,000 people are notified about it.

P.S. She said yes.

P.P.S. Kidding about the 200,000 people part.

My minimum is 500,000.