Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Not another top 10!

Oh, but yes. Another top 10 list of best restaurants. This time, by Yelp.

The way the top 10 are determined is by a combination of extremely objective and very democratic factors: how many people bookmarked the restaurant, average star ratings, and number of "check-ins" at the restaurant.

[For those of you unfamiliar with what the kids are doing these days, to 'check in' means to notify your fellow "yelp" friends and users that you are, in fact, presently eating at the restaurant you just reviewed and either eating there a) by yourself (perfectly acceptable) or ignoring the people you brought with you to the restaurant in order to notify your actual, 'net friends of your whereabouts in the hopes that they are checked in at a joint nearby and will hop right over to join you and lift you the burden of your less cool, less hip, less 'net-worthy friends. Read more about it here.]

Side-note aside, I love Yelp! I use it all the time [daily, both for work and for my own personal restaurant researchage], trust the readers, and have made the occasional contribution of my own]. If I were one to make resolutions, one of mine would be to ramp up my Yelp reviewage to contribute to the community from which I have taken so much.

In any case [readers, I know I tend to wander into rambling, stream-of-consciousness tangents, but I'm not going to apologize. You're getting the real me - and I'm going to assume, and the risk of one day losing all three of you, that you continue to read because you love the tangents. Or you've at least figured out how to skim these posts like one skims a class-required classic novel and find the meaty bits. Congratulations.]

- here's the top 10:

  1. Kuma's Corner*
  2. Hot Doug's
  3. XOCO**
  4. The Purple Pig**
  5. The Publican
  6. Revolution Brewing Co**
  7. Girl and the Goat*
  8. Big Star**
  9. Crisp
  10. Smoque BBQ

Means I've been there. Not even five out of ten. This year, my friends, this year - I'm going to make it my priority. It helps that I've found more fellow foodie friends, and it helps that I make [slightly] more money, and it helps that I've found more foodie blogs to notify me of these locations/lists. And boy, do I love lists.

* Means it was already on my to-go list. Which is HUGE.

Crisp, I've never really heard about. We'll see. The Publican - can't afford yet [but the insides look so nice and minimalist.] 

(So glad communal tables are back in style. They haven't been since, like, 3rd grade. Or the 13th century.)
Hot Doug's - I don't like hog dogs. Sorry, folks. Not even [especially not] Chicago dogs. [Except when you can turn yourself into one at the Chicago History Museum].

(Photo credit to Ashley Hepburn - I'm not even in it. But my friends are.)

Want to eat with me? Okay, great. It's a date.


matt said...

Hot Dougs does not serve Hot Dogs.

They serve bitsofheavendisguisedas Encased Meats.


Paige said...

I want to eat with you! I want to go to the Purple Pig and Girl and the Goat!