Friday, September 10, 2010

Run for the Dream!

My friends. I am slowly becoming someone I don't even recognize. I am only two days away from running my first half-marathon, and I am looking for more races.

Who even does that?

Pending the outcome of Sunday's race, in regards to my health and self-confidence - I have a few races lined up, ready to be conquered by yours truly.

I'm ESPECIALLY excited about this one: Run for the Dream!

A Half-Marathon or 8k winding through the streets of Colonial Williamsburg. I mean, Lakeshore Drive is pretty darn picturesque, but through our historic, one-time capital of Virginia? I think it's a race made for me. And my dad [you should do it!]

Anyone else in? Road-trip to the GREAT state of Virginia, late May, flowers blooming, not too hot, for a run through history?

P.S. You get passes to get into Colonial Williamsburg for free! NOW you are tempted...


Taylor Yves said...

i was thinking about that today, how you were probably looking for more races. it's what people do! i am so excited for you :)

Kristin Waite said...

I would do it :)