Friday, April 23, 2010

A Swath of Color

...that's one of my favorite phrases. I just love big, romantic words. Words whose meanings are so big and old-fashioned and intricate and involved that I'm never sure that I'm actually using it right. There's some magic, mystery, risk, challenge in that. And so. My word for today is swath.

Inspired by this post.

A color-party. I think we should do this party this summer. Based on our Halloween party, I think my friends are pretty good at going all out and, we are all just super creative. So I'm excited to see what this would look like!

Really, I just love any excuse to have a party.

Via Cup of Jo.

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Ashley Joy said...

I did this for a trip to Saga once. I was red. The Karis were green and orange. Rayna was blue, Anthony was black, Dave was brown. The last three chose colors that no one might guess they were dressing up. Haha.

In any event, I'm so in for this party. I can't decide which color I want...