Friday, April 23, 2010

A Fantastical Garden

I'm not a huge garden fan. I mean, I like pretty flowers and I generally enjoy pretty, serene spaces and I fully, fully appreciate God's work in nature. But I definitely appreciate this garden.

Maybe it's because it's sciency and I'm just a nerd and can't escape it. I think it's awesome because it's not just pretty - there's also thought behind it. Mathematical thought. It's the beauty that exists in science that doesn't always come across unless you're of that particular persuasion. It definitely comes across here, however.

Anyone want a trip to Scotland?

Via Apartment Therapy.


Taylor Yves said...

i thought i was sciencey but i don't know if i "get it." is it a double helix?

ashley elizabeth said...

It's supposed to "evoke" a double helix. :) I think it's supposed to spur on contemplation of the sciency things in life.