Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring has ....

 ...sprung. An outdated, cliche, and ridiculously repetitive phrase, but, as is true of most phrases of that ilk - completely true.

Confession: I cringe [a little] inside when I see the first buds of springtime because I know what follows.

Itchy, watery eyes.
Runny Nose.

Basically any allergy medicine commercial you've seen - that's me. That's the monster I turn into when those magical flowers burst onto the scene, along with their evil pollen.

I know, I know - pollen is not evil, it is in fact what makes the world go 'round...well, at least as beautiful and colorful as it is.

Despite my constant sneezing and burning desire to rub my eyes until they are pushed back out of my sockets and are rolling around inside my cranium - I will admit that spring is, in fact, just lovely.

It's a time of hope - a time of rejuvenation. It's extremely appropriate that Easter occurs in the Springtime [whether that's when it actually happened, or not, it's quite symbolic.] After the contemplation and reflection of Lent culminating in the celebration of Easter [especially Rez's Easter Vigil!], it is perfectly appropriate to find ourselves, then, in spring.

Birds sing, flowers bud and bloom, the temperatures warm up, the earth awakens, the city comes to life! All of nature is celebrating God's goodness and the hope we have for the future. Even after the depressing, cold, bleak winter - God is still good [well, he was good in the winter, too, but honestly it's easier to believe it in the springtime. I think we can all admit to that]. Springtime is the perfect season to remind ourselves of the joy we can find in heaven, and in seeking Christ's face here on earth. It's the time of year when I remind myself that I'm my own worst critic. The standards I set for myself are often impossible and I'm the one I disappoint the most [and often the only one] when I "fail". Spring is the time of year when I am most reminded of God's grace and goodness and forgiveness.

It's almost like this. New Year's - it's the time for resolutions.
January is spent enthusiastically trying to achieve those resolutions.
February and March are spent guilt-tripping ourselves about how we failed those resolutions within the first to weeks.
April is the time when God reminds us - it doesn't matter. It is important to set goals, yes. But not impossible ones. And not without realizing that we will, ultimately, fail - and that's when we learn the most about ourselves and our creator .

It's humbling but also awesome.

*Caution: this last bit will sound extremely cheesy. I tried to find a better, non-cheesy way to say it, but it's not happening for me.*

It's almost like I'm a flower, unfolding after the long winter and recognizing afresh God's grace, his work in the world [and in myself] and how beautiful it all is.

[See, I told you!?]

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