Thursday, April 8, 2010

Cures for the Renter's Woes

[Isn't that a pretty catchy title? I think so... I'm pretty proud of myself right now... ]

Anyone who knows me knows that I really LOVE to shop. For all things - you name it, I will be very good at shopping for it. Recently I have added a new domain to my shopping desires - interior decor. I'm nearly positive it had something to do with moving into a new apartment, starting out on the "adult life"....etc. As I have delved into this new realm of endless purchasing options, I have run across some problems. "Woes," if I am to be melodramatic.

1. Budget. Obviously straight out of college working a part-time job paying off loans and commuting 70 miles every day is not going to free up TONS of funds for this new era of my life.
2. Space. Generally because of no 1., our space is limited. A few rooms with which to execute newfound creativity  [probably just enough to align with no 1., again, but still. small].
3. Renting limitations. We cannot paint, put up too many things, do too many DIY in the apartment itself.

All that being said, of course I have had a WONDERFUL time learning how to decorate, organize, and live in my[our] own space. I should probably be grateful for the restraints lest I throw all my money away on furnishings and have nothing left over for Forever21!! [We all know that would NEVER happen. I do have priorities, after all.]

Here's a great, encouraging article on how to decorate a small space to make it feel more like home. It doesn't really apply to us anymore, because we have lived in our home for a few months now, but for all of you renters out there - be encouraged! We can still make a welcoming, warm, and enchanting home. :)

How to Decorate Your Apartment to Feel Less Temporary.

Via Apartment Therapy.


Taylor Norris said...

you're cute. wait until you see how tiny our space is and how few monies we have to decorate :) which you will do on sunday! for what it's worth i think you girls have done a darling job with your place!

the other day i got really crafty and tried to hang pots on the wall in the kitchen ... and hit a stud 3 times. we now have 3 gaping wholes in the wall and i left the nails sticking inches out just to fill the space! i am also trying to build my own invisible bookshelf, google that because you'll love it. i am not doing so hot with that project either. hah!

Ashley Joy said...

I loved that article. And we've done most of them, I think!