Monday, April 5, 2010

A Revolutionary Envelope...

or really just a cool idea. :) I love these concept envelopes from google maps:

They show the route between two addresses on the front of the envelope. It's definitely quite a step up from the boring-ol' white ones we so often mail. [That is - should we mail...anything...ever.] Maybe this will spark a revolution in snail mail! I mean, everyone loves getting REAL mail anyway, and who wouldn't exclaim over the coolness of this envelope upon its receipt in their mailbox?

I for sure would. And I think probably my dear friend Ashley Joy would...She who loves maps and routes. What would your route look like Ashley, from here to home? Kayaking across the Pacific ocean, perhaps? :)

Seeing as learning about the postal system is my job right now - I think these would be quite a lovely addition to the history of envelopes. Which began around 1839, same time as the invention of the postage stamp.

Via swissmiss.

P.S. I know its been a while - but lent is over so I am now more freely allowed to range about the internet. If I want to - but that's for another post.

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Ashley Joy said...

You're so right. I do love them. We should start making all our own envelopes out of paper we have around the house... i.e. magazines. Or google maps.