Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Don't Memorize your Credit Card number...

...because then it's just THAT much easier to make online purchases!! But there are just some impulse buys that are in fact definitely worth it [or will be when I receive them!]

It's sixty degrees outside and I hereby confess that I am most definitely infected with spring fever. I have cleaned out my desk, scrubbed down the bathroom, done some laundry, run outside!, [watched some ANTM], had some coffee, and just plain CAN'T WAIT for summer.

The changing of the seasons gives me the itch to change around our apartment decor, and I just hadn't found that item that really clicked.

Until today. When I found these fantastic posters of my two [current] favorite cities in the US:

I can't wait for them to arrive so I can put them on my wall. The Chicago one I like because, well, it's Chicago - and because of its wonderfully spring colors! [Of course, we won't mention how spring in Chicago lasts for, oh, about, one week?] And I adore the D.C. one - how could I not? It is my home and embodies everything I love about it [secretly, I really do love patriotic things. It must be my DC heritage, my history major and my military childhood. But I adore that red, white, and blue.]

You can buy your own, of your own favorite city, from The Heads of State.

via swissmiss


Ashley Joy said...

Oh, I saw those earlier! I'm glad you bought them because the colors are just wonderful. I can't wait to put them up and I can't wait for it to be consistently warm... I'm jealous of your outside time right now!

Taylor Norris said...

cute! i have spring fever, too. i am an inch away from taking everything off our book shelves in order to sand and stain them. but then we'd have nowhere to walk since our studio is kinda tiny ... which reminds me that you need to come over!