Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mamma Mia!

Most hilarious thing this weekend: seeing Mamma Mia! with my family. The movie was entertaining, featuring all the ABBA songs from my childhood: Supertrooper, Take a Chance on Me, Dancing Queen, and of course Mamma Mia, plus about a dozen other ones I have never heard of but of course they managed to fit right into the movie. Had they done any more singing it might have been too much, but what they did incorporate was perfect. I thoroughly enjoyed watching the movie because the characters were so well portrayed by the various actors and actresses. The girl who played Sophie, who plays Karen in Mean Girls, was fantastic. Her singing (if indeed it was hers) was clear as a bell. Meryl Streep was also AMAZING. She just embraced the role so well and made the ridiculous behavior so natural. Also, I love the actress who plays Molly Weasley. She is such a great character actress.

So - funniest part of the movie: Pierce Brosnan singing. A total shock. I got used to it by the end, but initially it was hysterical.

BUT what tops that was MY DAD SINGING ALONG. Yes, that's right. My dad singing along. It was so funny. Luckily the lady sitting next to him was singing too. An all around chorus!

And, quite frankly, that's what I felt like doing. In the middle of the Dancing Queen sequence, which is fantastic and features an all-female dance line, I just wanted to stand up and dance in the aisles. But I stopped myself because I thought "society would not condone this." But WHY? Why shouldn't we stand up and dance in the middle? Why am I so prohibited by society and what society thinks? I think we would all feel a little better about ourselves if we just could dance around in a movie theater once in a while.

Truly, I just wish my life was a musical. There would be much more dancing, which equals much more joy.

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