Friday, July 18, 2008

thoughts on female teenage pop culture

This morning on GMA's Summer Concert Series was an extra-special performance by Miley Cyrus, our beloved Hannah Montana kidstar-turned-superstar. The 9-year-old I babysit, Madison, loves Hannah Montana, and therefore all things Miley. So, I watched the concert this morning. (Should I refrain from mentioning that Madison is on vacation...?)

As I was watching Miley shake and shimmy on the stage (okay, at 15, she really doesn't shake and's more like prancing with her diamond-encrusted microphone stand the base of which is a steering wheel), it occurred to me that while both Madison and I are fascinated with Miley Cyrus, that fascination stems from two very different spheres: at 9, Madison is 6 years younger than Miley and therefore is fascinated with her because she wants to be like her. It's perfectly suitable, natural, and culturally appropriate for her to desire to emulate Miley. In effect, Miley is generally a suitable role model for a good girl like Madison, amidst other celebrities of possible role-model status who quite frankly must have lacked effective role models in their own lives judging by their decision making.

On the other hand, I am equally fascinated with Miley (although I would seldom admit it), but for entirely different reasons. Today I discovered, as I was watching her in an outfit probably provided by GMA or her tour sponsors, that my fascination lies not in my desire to be like her (that would be culturally inappropriate slash inappropriate to myself, because I am close to 7 years older than her) but simply my desire to dress like her. To have her entire wardrobe. The difference between Madison and I is that she wants to literally be Miley fully emulating her lifestyle and everything that comes with it. I, on the other hand...just want her clothes. Not even the money in general, just the money to buy the clothes. I suppose I am also a little jealous of how she is hotter than me at age 15. But that's neither here nor there.

Starbucks is closing a lot of stores. There goes my future career plan! What's next? McDonald's?

I think forever21 actually, because then I will at least get a discount to supplement my clothing fund. We gotta be realistic here.

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