Friday, May 16, 2008


When I grow up I want a library, Beauty and the Beast style, with a ladder. and leather-bound books. with sunlight pouring in through the giant bay windows. and a plush couch in the center. with a kitschy ottoman. and a piano, just in case.

I have enough books to fill half a library by now, anyway.

Current read: My Father's Keeper by Norbert Lebert and Stephan Lebert, about the children of Nazi leaders. Recommended personally to Ashley and me by our very own Dr. Rapp, or RDiddy as we affectionately refer to him. I'll let you know how it is.

I miss history class.

I also saw Prince Caspian. I thought it was good, beautifully shot, not at all like the book really but taken as its own story it was pretty entertaining. Then again, I am easily entertained. The only part that I was really disappointed with was the ending, with that ridiculous song, and the romance. I mean seriously.

Plus: who doesn't love The Office? What a great ending. Spicy, to say the least.

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ashley joy said...

i totally agree on the library. and we're well on our way to filling out the section on nazi germany, aren't we?

woooo the office!