Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Happiness is only real when shared.
-from Into the Wild

I think this is so true. The thing that frustrates me about this movie, which is probably the point, is that he left behind so many people who wanted to love him, to show him the true joy of human relationships. The joy that comes with both highs and lows. The joy that comes with overcoming what seemed to be insurmountable difficulties. But he was so selfish and refused to let anyone get close enough to him to truly touch his heart. I know he realized this mistake in the end - but that's why the movie is so heartbreaking. It was too late.

I am SUCH a sucker for emotional movies. I inhale the emotion that is force-fed me like I have been starved for human drama my whole life. But I think it is a wonderful thing to contemplate the beauty that is in human emotion...both the joyful and the heartbreaking. Because ultimately it is in the most shatteringly heartbreaking moments that we can find the truest beauty. It is when someone who has been completely broken finds hope - that is when joy in its highest form is found.

Maybe that was a little too poetic for you...I think it might have been for me. But it's nonetheless true.

And I stand by the fact that
happiness is only real when shared.

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Maggie Emma Thomas said...

remember the time that we decided to watch this movie WAY too close to the end of the year and we bawled uncontrollably first about the movie and then because we had to leave each other?

i do.