Wednesday, June 20, 2007


tomorrow i am leaving at 6AM for cape cod and I am pretty excited about that. it feels as if i am already on vacation though, so it doesn't feel as if it will be much of a change of pace. it will be good to see my grandparents, though, and my aunt & uncle & cousin even though my aunt was just here for victoria's graduation. plus, we will be at the BEACH, basically my favorite place on earth. AND, most importantly, i will get to see my LOVE sarah, and (maybe?) amy. there is no doubt that is my most favorite part about this vacation. (besides the beach.) although it's supposed to be in the lower 70s, which is CRAZY considering it's SWELTERING hot here. just oppressive heat. even so my house is FREEZING. i am always wearing a sweatshirt and sweatpants when i am at home, in the middle of summer. I think there is something wrong with this situation. oh, well. like i told my mom today, she can't really take off more clothes and i can always add more layers.

victoria graduated and it was a really good ceremony: it wasn't that boring and it passed by pretty quickly. probably because i spent most of the time trying to take pictures of her in her graduation gown being the senior marshall. luckily for me taking pictures can always take up my time when i am bored. and then we went to a DELICIOUS dinner at Mike's. then she went off to her all night grad party at 11PM and i had to pick her up at south run at 5AM. no joke. i got like 3 hours of sleep but then i got to go to bed after i picked her up (that half an hour is a complete mystery to me now. i went outside in my slippers and pjs and wandered around, trying to find the car in the parking lot. i must have looked drugged or something.)

um... no more job opportunities yet but i am certainly finding things to do with my time. yes, i am a little bored, but hey what's the summer without pleasant boredom? i checked out three books at the library yesterday, which i am QUITE excited about. so that will keep me company for most of cape cod. we'll be gone for a week and a half. hooray!

feist concert

my sister the 007 Senior Class Marshall

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Sara Beth said...

You are so cute! I love the tank top, and the fact that you call it "vacay". I hope Cape Cod is WONDERFUL! I'm going to the mountains this weekend, so thank God I won't be sweating to death!!! Love you!