Monday, June 25, 2007

right out of a calendar

the reason I love cape cod so much (okay well a lot of the reason) is because every time i look out of a window of our house, or stare out the window of a car, or just look around me when i am on a walk, it is like i am smack in the middle of the top half of a calendar page. you know what i am talking about? we get a cape cod calendar every year for christmas and i assure you that the view from our house is even more spectacular than any picture printed in any of those calendars. of course, i get to experience it with all the other sensory experiences like the birds chirping and the smell of the ocean and the sound of the waves and the warm ocean breeze. nevertheless, that is exactly why i look forward to cape cod every year. sure, it might be nice to go somewhere else for a change and see the half of the country that i have never seen, but i would never be able to relax as much as i can at cape cod simply because we have been here for so many years and i know what to expect, and so i can relax. maybe that is telling of my own need to be in control of the situation, but that is a completely different storyline.

and in a few minutes my lovely lovely friends will arrive and i am so excited! i am slightly sunburnt (you know, i think it's my fate. that's what happens with all this aryan blood in me.) but, that will NOT stop me from going to the beach. it just gives me a little color, right? but i am reading bros k and it is an intense read, in the first 50 pages. it is taking me a while to get through and it is a HUGE undertaking - 1000 pages! but i WILL GET THROUGH. and read a little Harry Potter on the side. (gotta get ready for no. 7 baby!) i finished Henry James' A Portrait of A Lady and it was fabulous. tragic, yes. but fantastic. :) well i think i might go puzzle - our puzzle this year is crazy hard. i appreciate the challenge, of course, because it will take us more than two days to complete this one. we always run out every year of the puzzle in the first two days. well - this year that's not the case. lucky for me. :)

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merey kay said...

there you are! i had to get this link from your facebook profile. yay semi-stalkery behavior that really isn't! yay for reading each other's journals!

good job reading big books--i need to do that.