Saturday, June 30, 2007

back to the grind

back from the beach. the first night is always depressing because this morning we were on the cape and so it is still fresh in my memory, and yet here we are in our own house with all of our dirty laundry and all of our suitcases, not yet unpacked so still not really back from vacation. it's like we're on vacation without the lovely view. coming back to dc always makes me feel rushed and too busy and as if there aren't ever enough hours in the day. it convinces me more and more that i will choose not to live here as i get older and move out of my parents' house. ah, well. only 5 or so weeks left here at home and i plan on enjoying them.

this month we start our babysitting mania, and then next week I go to CIY. then two more weeks of cameron perks and babysitting and then - time to get ready to go back to school. i don't know what's going about getting back yet but just know that i am quite ready. well, mostly. too much uncertainty about the whole thing right now. but right now i am still semi-relaxed from vacation (and i mean really, life at home this summer has NOT been busy at all judging by my facebook usage. pitiful, really.) so i will not let this area get to me too much.

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