Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Halloween Town

Yes, Halloween was almost two holidays ago. But, it isn't Thanksgiving just yet so, here's what I did for Halloween this year. Different than usual, which is (most of the time, unless we are having an epic party) nothing. Halloween's just not my thing. Except for the following, notsuperscarymorefalltimethanHalloween activities.

Carving le pumpkins. Comfortably.

Did you know you can get class credit for carving a pumpkin? Apparently, you can, if you're taking horticulture. What kind of classes are they offering these children in 2011?

The finished products. The pirate pumpkin was my suggestion, executed very well.

MMMM Delicious pumpkin seeds. With LOTS of butter and salt. Have pumpkins and curious how to do it?
Carve pumpkin and separate seeds from pulp. 
Rinse them (optional - I do because I think the other stuff is gross).
Soak in a bowl with olive oil and salt.
Place on a baking tray and bake at 350 for half an hour, or so.

Yep, that's easy. Totally made u

A very handy mask to have just lying around in the closet.

So we can have batmanmariogangster. Hey, if I had a costume like this, I'd still go trick-or-treating at 18.

This, my friends, is how to decorate for Halloween.

At least, if you're not my direct neighbor. 

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