Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Point & Shoot Glory

**Full disclosure - this post is about to be a very first-worldy, some-might-say-shallow post. Don't say I didn't warn you.**

So, this weekend, I got the iPhone 4S. 

I'm pretty excited about it. For so many reasons. Mostly because it is so much better than my other phone. The battery lasts for more than an hour; I can actually take pictures that focus; I can take more than one picture without the storage being too full; I can download games that have better graphics than a regular computer game and actually play them; I still have at least 15 GB of memory left (that's more than my computer has); I can talk to it and it does things for me. 

Yes, I'm thrilled.

What you'll see most of is the pictures, obviously. Maybe now I'll blog more.

We'll see.

Bus #1 in the morning. Bus ride #2 has too many people on it to inconspicuously snap a picture.

Representing the museum world at work.

Representing the museum world in a cemetery.

I think I need a new pair of gloves.

Driving in traffic at 2 a.m. You can tell from this and the one below that I am utterly terrible at different faces for photos. It's obvious I am the one usually taking the pictures.

The best I got is the fish face. This is also a testament to the fact that he spends more time primping than I do. He doesn't read this so he'll never know that now you know. 

Chicago Ideas Week! I promise, I wasn't driving for this photo.

What was on my Kindle when I opened to read this morning. Can't wait!!*

*Just kidding. I changed this ASAP so I didn't have to look at it anymore.

Here's to the frivolously exciting technological things that make me so excited. :)

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