Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Goodbye, Fall

This weekend we might be seeing some warm temperatures (by warm I mean 59), but these next few days are rather, well, miserable.

I know that in about a month I will think 40s and rainy is like heaven. But today, I do not.

This morning while waiting for the bus I was very glad to have my iPhone headphones circle scarf from American Apparel. It is the only thing I have from there (though I would have their tshirts if I had more money/thought about how their tshirts are so great when it's time to buy them).

I posted earlier about my gloves.

Even though I ordered this online from Urban and paid for shipping (the gloves themselves were $18!), they broke. I do love them - they just don't function anymore.

Because I like to have my fingertips readily accessible even with gloves on , and I don't want to buy these (because that's just silly), here's some ideas:

(notice my neutral theme?)
How cute are these? ASOS
Not cheap, but precious. ASOS

For when I really want to keep my fingers warm but look classy. Target

I'll keep you updated.

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