Friday, June 10, 2011

Never too Early

There are times when I get a little anxious, sometimes for no apparent reason.

I have found something that does me wonders.

(Well, besides coloring in a coloring book, which I can't do at work).

Clearly, I need this Christmas albums in a few months. (Or now.)

I do like this version, because it's light and airy, and Southern, but really, we all know who does it best.


Meg O @watchmegorun said...

hahah I love christmas music all year too. I say get it and enjoy it!

Sarah said...

I start listening to Christmas music the SECOND it is November 1st - don't worry you're only 5 months earlier than me (and earlier is definitely better :D)

Taylor Yves said...

thanks ashley :) i just heard on Moody radio that they're having a Christmas in August concert ... i think it's a little weird?