Friday, April 29, 2011

Sun and a Somber Moment

My friends, it has arrived. What we've awaited impatiently for weeks, and months, even. Today really is a glorious day. Why?

It's sunny. No longer are we stuck in cloudy, rainy, depressing April. Maybe, only three days before May, are we actually going to experience some May flowers. Because we certainly have endured our fair share of April showers.

And while it hasn't been pleasant here in Chicago, I can't help but think of those suffering from devastating losses, both emotionally and materially, in those Southern states where the deadly tornadoes struck a few days ago. It's difficult, on a day so sunny here [and so full of matrimonial bliss, for some], to stop and remember those whose lives have been altered in an unthinkable, unpredictable, and irreversible way - sometimes in a matter of mere seconds. But as you enjoy the sun today, pray for those who lost family members, loved ones, and all their homes, family photos, pets, cars, wedding dresses, and sometimes their livelihoods.

And, not because I want to share this dramatic video with you, saying "look at this really cool tornado!", but because I want to share how terrifying nature really can be, as a reminder of God's greatness and the sheer magnitude of his power, as well as a glimpse into what it might be like to have survived that tornado in Alabama, here's a video, via the Huffington Post.

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