Thursday, April 28, 2011

Free Plants and Palm Trees

On Tuesday, I went to the suburbs to see a movie. I took the train out, rather than driving, because it's just so much easier in so many ways. Riding the train is relaxing for me. I don't have to worry about my car, traffic, gas, being on time, etc. What is under my control is getting on that train at the right time, making sure I have my ticket, and making sure I get off. In between, it's [usually] just some alone time. Some time to read a good book, finish my Newsweek for the week, listen to music, or just stare out the window, thinking about life. Really, it's ideal. 

Plus, Union Station is so grand! It may not be union station in New York, featured in that famous photo, but it's definitely not too shabby.

Then, we went to dinner at Hollywood Palms, which is a theater out in Naperville. It's after the old-style theaters, so each room has its own theme. We went in the red room - which has Chinese-style decorations. Plus, you can order dinner/drinks/popcorn while watching the movie. It's not the best place for watching an intense, rather quiet movie, but for an action film [or a rather stupid comedy] - it's actually quite fun.

Entering Hollywood!

It's pretty empty on a Tuesday night.

The Chinese theater. It's pretty dark, since the lighting, as per usual, was not great. But you get the idea. I really like themed things, so I'm all about this theater.

Earth Day was last Friday - April 22. In honor of Earth Day, my building company hosted a summit. Really, it was a bunch of little tables talking about how they are committed to "green" practices. I didn't go to most of the tables to find that out because I went specifically to get my free plants. All three of them, including my tree:

I especially like the spiky pink one. The green striped one I gave to my coworker who, unfortunately, was utilizing Work from Home day. I, for once, thank goodness, actually went to the office that day.

Congrats! You have a tree! Supposedly this one will live in whatever environment you plant it. This is good, because I have no green thumb whatsoever. If you look at my record of keeping plants alive, it's more like a black thumb. So these don't really stand a chance. We'll see. Wish me [and the plant] luck.

Should we think of a name? 

There's the very cheesy marketing sticker - "Grow with us at ___." 

Also, notice my nails? They're the best black nail polish I have ever put on. It's called oilslick. More on that later.

Happy Belated Earth Day!

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