Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rainy, Rainy Tuesday

...following a rainy, rainy week[s]. Apparently, it's one of the rainest/cloudiest Aprils yet in Chicago. I'm all for records and achieving "historical" moments, but this record is definitely one I'd rather not live through.

My rainboots [featured in the photo above] have lasted me for a few years. And, they're cute. They're short, which is nice because I can fit my jeans into them/I don't feel claustrophobic. [And, they are a kid's 5 AND they were only $15. Bonus.]

But, they're a little...juvenile. Not classy enough for a young lady who works in the loop, takes the bus every day with hundreds of other very fashionable, classy young and old ladies who are all wearing blackblackblack [well, and so am I, minus the boots]. It might be just enough to spring for these lovelies, which I have coveted for quite a while:

Sometimes, when I'm feeling bold and colorful, I secretly want these:

But, let's be honest with ourselves: I'll get the black ones. I often think about getting a new raincoat, but I have an adorable new umbrella from H&M [picture forthcoming], so really - let's spend our money on one thing at a time. Mostly I wish I could look like this:


This past weekend was very fun and relaxing. Saturday I made cinnamon rolls, which is a very time-intensive, messy, and sometimes frustrating process. The end result, of course, is always rewarding. Especially because this recipe makes a bajillion and one rolls, so you can give them away to lots of people/have them in your freezer for just the right moment.

Then I went to Acre, the restaurant that replaced Charlie's Alehouse over on Clark in Andersonville. The inside is done very well [in gray - very urban, but yet with pictures of cows on the walls?]. They have hand-crafted cocktails, which were pretty delicious. I had the Moscow Mule, and Justin had the Sloe Gin Fizz. 

I love anywhere with mason jars and candles.

And those fantastic reusable water jugs. I need to get myself some of those.

Aaaand scallops. Surprised? But they were delicious.

Then we saw The Source Code, which was fun because it was filmed in Chicago, and in the beginning "city montage" - I saw my building! If you live in Chicago, on the North Side, and haven't been to the New 400 Theater, you should go. It's $8.50 [even on a Saturday night], and they have fresh popcorn, candy, and even alcohol, plus the theater's pretty small so you won't be overwhelmed by teenagers who have nothing else to do on a Saturday [oh wait, that might just be in the suburbs].

Tonight: traipsing out to the suburbs, with my glorious new overnight bag, and visiting this lovely, fun movie theater for half-price margarita night and two free movie tickets.


Ashley Joy said...

My blue striped rainboots just (finally) broke this week! I'm also thinking about investing in some high quality boots. I.e. Hunters. In yellow, of course.

matt said...

my rain boots are bare feet.

real men (and women) walk the city barefoot!


ashley elizabeth said...

Please. as if you walk barefoot, Matt.

Ashley we can buy them together! Just in time for spring to be over... Oh, wait, what spring?