Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Lil Sweetie

Thanks for bearing with me through the construction, my friends! Although I could work on the layout of this blog for, well, days, and days, and days, work must actually happen.

That's why I get out of the house.

And walk a block.

To this adorable little coffeeshop, Kitchen Sink, located on Berwyn, right by the red line stop.

You should go. They have good [Metropolis] coffee, sandwiches, and friendly help.

Case in point: "Lil Sweetie" sandwich:

.nutella. peanut butter. banana. yum.

And how cute is their font? Designed by a family member/friend, it's a font of coffee cups and utensils! Adorable. Plus, the window seating offers plenty of opportunities to people watch, especially around 5 as people get off the train on their way home.

Aaaand because you didn't have enough pictures of food in last weekend's post:

M. Burger. A few weeks ago we tried to take advantage of their free birthday burger, but the line was too long, so instead they gave us a voucher for a free burger, anytime. Not a bad deal, eh? The coupons were about to expire, and being good with the deals (ya'know), we used them yesterday.

Doesn't this bun look vaguely like a McDonald's bun?

Discussing the burger.

It's a teeny shop. That's the counter.

Note: they have a "secret menu." I got the hurt burger, level 2. My coworkers got the level 3. Neither one was unbearably spicy. So if you like spiciness, but not too much, then I suggest the hurt burger. Oh, and it's not TOO expensive. Reasonable, for a pretty decent burger experience.

Even if it is just like a soft, McDonald's bun.

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mattvstherealworld said...

oh, THAT place. I HAVE been there.