Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas comes to the office.

The other day I happened to walk the wrong way in my office (it's easy when it's all cubicles and it's new and you're not used to office life just yet), and I noticed another department had seriously Christmas-ed out their cubicle space. So I took it upon myself to do the same to mine.

In a classy way.

 Doesn't it look nice though? You can see the lights through the other side of the cubicle as well. I think it distinguishes our little space. [As if the Bowie poster wasn't enough.]

On another note, my roommates and I (well, three of us) are super-informed and connected people with our WBEZ member updates. I love reading about the hosts and what their days are like. It makes me feel even more connected to them [although I have been somewhat of a flaky fan these days, with my not-so-long commute. But I still carry my member card proudly!]

Tonight was a glorious evening with my new friend Laura :) We went ice skating! (Which turned out to be free, for both of us. Bonus!) It is SO close to my work that I think I might start heading down there occasionally after work and practice my skating skills. I'll just make sure to go AFTER the zamboni heads onto the ice at six.

And we also went to Revolution Brewery, a first for myself. I thoroughly enjoyed this pizza, and the conversation, and my beer, of course. And, there's more pizza for Saturday. Yum.

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