Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Santa Train!

Yesterday I got on the train at the Paulina brown line stop, and noticed something very important  happening.

That's right, the Santa "El" Train.

I have tried for the past three winters to catch this train. And I have always failed.

And even though there are some (Matt), who don't want Santa to be leading their train (whyever not, I don't know. Look at the above photo. How. Jolly.) - I am going to catch this train this year goshdarnit.

So you'll find me on the Red Line between 3 and 7 pm on the days of December 15 & 17, 2010.

Things that will help me catch the train this year?

1) I work in the city. No longer in the suburbs. I'll actually be in the city when this happens.
2) I am not leaving so early for Christmas since I don't get that much time off but (bonus!) I get paid.
3) I actually, gasp, take the train to work. And, what?, this train is on my way regular commute.

Oh, my life has gotten so much different (/better inmanybutnotall ways).

Want to catch the train, if you're not a grinch like some? Look here.

Photo via Wee Windy City.

1 comment:

mattvstherealworld said...

I am NOT a grinch. Just an appreciator of santa-less trains. sort've a hobby of mine.