Monday, November 22, 2010

In which I work too close to the mag mile...

...because it's too tempting to go shopping EVERY.DAY.

In case you're curious, my new office:

is located at Chicago Avenue & the Chicago River. It's approximately a seven-minute bus ride, a twenty-minute walk, and a five-minute car ride from my workstation to the H&M located right on Michigan Avenue. Or the Crate & Barrel located just to the south. Or the Forever XXI in Water Tower Place (I might have to add about seven minutes for this one simply because of the elevator). In any case, I live too close to the Chicago's most premier shopping district for my own good.

Two out of my first five days at Groupon I went shopping after work.

Four out of the first five days I ate lunch out (one of these was bought by Groupon, to be fair).

This might turn out to be a problem.

But, for the first few months, I will enjoy the Magnificent Mile, if anything for the superb Christmas decorations they've put up this past Saturday. I do love some good Christmas window displays. I'll just have to maintain my ability to only look at the windows and stay out of the store. In the cold...

  This is my playlist. :)

 I do love Ralph Lauren, and their country-esque Christmas scenes in the middle of the urban landscape.

In other news, I am REALLY EXCITED about not having to drive everysingleday. I can feel my blood pressure decreasing each day that I am not plagued by fears of running late because of traffic, or the possibility of traffic, or my car potentially breaking down, or the tires leaking all of their air, or someone crashing into me, or slipping on the rain/snow/hail/plain pavement, etc. See? All of those thoughts eliminated = instant relaxation (for the most part. I'm still me).

 PS, Did anyone know that this store was closing? The borders right on Michigan? This is what the Kindle, etc. is doing to books! For shame.

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Taylor Yves said...

I know how you feel about working downtown. But the train is so much nicer than driving ... and I feel so metropolitan whilst walking between appointments :) AND I miss you!