Sunday, November 7, 2010

My apologies's been a while since I updated. For all of my talk about how others should update their blog all the time so I have something to read/know what's going on in their lives, I've done a terrible job of updating my own. 

But, I do have some rather exciting news. 

In one week, on November 15, I will be starting my new job at Groupon. In case you don't know what Groupon is, you should check it out. [And no, that's not just because they're about to pay me lots of money]. [Ha]. The point of their website is "collective bargaining power." Basically, the idea is that a business proposes a deal/coupon/discount for a service/product/meal, and Groupon puts it online. If enough people "buy" the deal, then the deal will "tip" - or people will have to pay for it. But if the deal doesn't "tip" then no one will have to pay for the discount, and no one gets the discount. 

I don't remember the last time a deal didn't "tip". Groupon has become extremely popular in the last year and a half, and they have expanded from about 40 to over 2300 employees in that same time period. And I am about to make that over 2301!

The Chicago offices are responsible for all of the copy for the deals for all of North America. My official job title will be factchecker. [Sounds super thrilling, I know]. Basically, my job is to check the facts [surprise, no?] for all the deals for North America. [Well, me at about 10 other factcheckers]. I'll make sure all the customer's questions are answered, the names are spelled right, the deal is correct, the reviews are correct, etc. 

It's going to be so much different than working at Naper Settlement.

But I'm getting pretty excited. 

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Joy said...

Congratulations, Ashley! You're working for Groupon! pat pat pat. :) big hugs.